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The following sounds were each selected to highlight one of the band members.

John Bonham . . .
From the end of "Rock and Roll" (113K MP3 file) (RealAudio)
His famous triplets from the "Moby Dick" solo (163K MP3 file) (RealAudio)
His triplets again from "Moby Dick" live. (320K MP3 file) (RealAudio)
From "Trampled Under Foot" (173K MP3 file) (RealAudio)
From the end of "I Can't Quit You Baby" (274K MP3 file) (RealAudio)
From the beginning of "When The Levee Breaks" (104K MP3 file) (RealAudio)
From "Poor Tom" (148K MP3 file) (RealAudio)
Bass drum triplets from "Good Times Bad Times" (171K MP3 file)
From the intro to "The Crunge" (87K MP3 file)
From "South Bound Saurez" (110K MP3 file)

John Paul Jones . . .
From "The Lemon Song" (522K MP3 file)
From the beginning of "How Many More Times" (108K MP3 file)

Jimmy Page . . .
From "Communication Breakdown" (320K MP3 file)
From "Celebration Day" (245K MP3 file)
From "Since I've Been Loving You" (273K MP3 file)
From "The Rover" (322K MP3 file)

Robert Plant . . .
From the inro to the "Immigrant Song" (264K MP3 file)