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The following documents were cited in putting together this web site. Most were used in compiling the tour dates list and setlist archive.


B1.    John Bonham: A Thunder of Drums
Welch, Chris and Geoff Nichols. London: Backbeat Books, 2001.
The most thorough account available of Bonham's life and drumming. Includes song-by-song analysis of his playing on more than half of Zeppelin's studio-recorded tracks, a detailed catalog of his equipment, examination of playing technique, and lots of pre-Zeppelin performance details. It's not perfectly written or put together but for Bonham nuts it's the best thing out there. 176 pages with color photos.

B2. Led Zeppelin: The Definitive Biography
Yorke, Ritchie. Novato, California: Underwood-Miller, 1993.

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